I want to take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself!

I know what beautiful looks like. I can see yours. I know how to bring it forward and how to capture it with my camera. I also know what it's like to be a woman who struggles to see her own beauty. This is why I have designed these sessions to be centred around women - Mums, daughters, girls, young ladies, because we all need time to reconnect with who we are, understand what makes us beautiful and have the confidence that we are loved NOW - as US (not after we've lost those 10lbs or so).  For years I struggled to be in photos.  I didn't like what I saw to be honest, but through my journey in photography I have started to accept myself and the fact that I am loved no matter what.  

That realisation is a gift that can change everything and it is my privilege to pass that gift on.  In your session we create gorgeous images that prove to you - You are PRECIOUS and BEAUTIFUL - There are sides of you you may never have seen - You can achieve a balance in strength and vulnerability that will give you a new sense of confidence.